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In three months people will start listening to you with double the attention as you stop fumbling completely


Good news: You do not have to learn long word lists by rote
In fact the process is so easy that you own them even without realizing


I was thrilled with the Demo version itself. But, when I saw the final version, I realized how much fun it can be to learn words. 

The best part of WordMentor is the combination of learning and playing. I think, ideally, one should do learning during exams and playing for rest of the life. 

Though I used it for my GRE (by the way, I scored 710 on the verbal and THANKS!!!), I can see how it can help anyone interested in any aspect of the language.

Congrats for a perfect product! 

Kala Parasuram


As a student, appearing for the competitive exams like GRE, GMAT or SAT, you already know how much preparation is required to get the best out of the verbal section. 

For my GRE, I spent 8 months on the verbal, 1 month on the Analytical and 10 days on the quantitative. 

So what do you feel will be your toughest problem with the verbal section? 

Obviously the vocabulary is the toughest part of preparation. 

It is not that there is no resource to learn words. But they all have some problems. Personally, I learned words from five vocabulary books and a word list.

The vocabulary books were very good to fix the word. They have so many exercises on each word that you will never forget a word after learning. 

My biggest problem with the vocabulary books was that 
they had only a few words (I had to learn from 5 of them) 
and they were not designed for the GRE, GMAT or SAT.

Word lists had all the words and were made specifically for the GRE. But, they forced me to learn by rote. I was pretty good at it but still found it very difficult.

I just could not remember half the words 
after two days of completing the list

I revised more than 10 times and still did not remember many words.

While doing my Ph.D, I really wished I retained those words as that is when I saw the real need for a good vocabulary.

By the way, there was another funny problem that I faced while taking the GRE. All the books and lists only covered those words that they thought would be difficult for Americans. But, there used to be many words in the exam that are easy for them but are extremely difficult for me (I would say an average Indian students).

So, I used to find many questions (say antonyms) where I would know the main word (as it was covered in the books that I read) but not know what the choices meant (as designers of the books felt that those were very easy)

I desperately needed a tool that would teach me 
the so called "easy words"
Probably they were easy for a native English speaker not for me
There was none

Sadly, even after so 5 years, students are going through the same inefficient process to learn words. But, there is a difference. You have a dedicated team of people who went through this process themselves and understand the merits and demerits of each and every method of word building. 

WordMentor has the merits of all the previous systems 
and discards all their demerits; 
it adds a lot more that is only possible because of the technology

  • the number of exercises of a vocabulary book The beauty of learning from these is the sheer number of exercises and the tests they have on each word. The good ones ensure that you own the few words that they cover (probably two to four hundred). 


  • Number of words in a word list These are all the words that you ever want to know. They run literally in to thousands. But, they are typically just the words and the meanings and hence are very difficult to learn and remember 


  • The time tables designed for a competitive exam Unlike other tools which are built for improving language skills only, WordMentor has several sections that help you crack the vocabulary sections of competitive exams.


  • Intelligent software that identifies your weak spots like a teacher Now a personal tutor alone would tell you your weakest spots, makes you revise more. In effect, tutor knows that the way you learn words is different from that of anybody else.


  • Coverage of words of all difficulty levels: We worked with a set of students who studied in non-English medium. Identified words that they found difficult and added them in our lists. You do not find these anywhere else. 

In one sentence, we wanted to create a word-builder that has the positives of all the existing methods

WordMentor has several thousand words like a word list, 
at least several exercises on each of the words like a vocabulary book 
and an intelligent program that coaches you for the exams.

You are taken through word learning in a natural process:

  • You start with the "learning" section: This is where you find a set of 10 words. First you will see them in a context and get to guess its meaning. Then, you will go through several exercises. The program keeps track of your performance and stores the words that you need to revisit again separately. These are called Flash Cards.

  • You have words at three different layers of difficulty and you will cover over 3000 words in more than 300 sessions. 

  • You have a "revise" section: You can revise any section that you want or allow the program to make dynamic sessions with your weak words. 

WordMentor creates a dynamic session for YOU 
with your weak words 
It does it until you master all the words.
  • Then comes the "play" section: This is my favorite: CrossWords, Anagrams, Guessing games and so much more 

You learn/revise many words while playing an interesting game 
and things don't get any better than that

  • You will be introduced to fun fascinating world of the English language through the "Library" section. These articles do everything possible to convert a game to a passion. At this time, you may find that word building is only for clearing the exam. But it is there in the exam because it is very important for your career growth.

  • You need to develop your vocabulary skills passionately and the Library section shows you all the interesting ways of doing it

  • Finally, in the tools section, You can add any word that you find interesting and that is not there in the WordMentor.


Books and courses teach you a set of words and leave you there
This CD lets you build your own word bank throughout your life

So, that is what you will get: The entire spectrum of vocabulary building built to perfection.

Built in the tradition of products, it is complete, practical, easy to learn system. We actually built it for students. But, surprisingly 40% of our beta version products were bought by corporate as they felt their employees needed it.

Two of the biggest GRE coaching institutes has added it to their curriculum!

WordMentor Advantage                                 

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