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Concept based Learning

Are you finding it difficult to communicate effectively despite being equipped with a wealth of vocabulary. You may have the words at your tongue-tip or finger-tips depending on whether you are speaking or writing respectively, but unable to put an idea or thought across in an appropriate way. 

Do not let this discourage or demoralize you in your pursuit to communicate effectively. You are not the only one who has this problem. I know a lot of people who have good vocabulary. Ask them for the meaning of even a difficult word and out it comes in a jiffy. But when it comes to writing or speaking they just could not get going. 

I can tell you the probable reason for this problem. It is due to lack of structured thinking. In other words, you may not have thought of a proper shape and form for the communication.

Communication is nothing but an expression of your thought process. 

How do you condition your thought process? 

Learn to always think in that language. In other words mentally interpret your day to day experiences and thoughts in the language. It is quite an easy and interesting exercise. This way you develop an intuition, instinct and spontaneity to communicate correctly and effectively. 

Now if you want to become an effective writer, it is very important that you visualize your concept and organize your thinking process accordingly. 

What I mean to say is that you need to have a clear picture of the concept or idea you want to communicate. 

The four commandments to become an effective writer 

** Think of a concept or a subject 

** Visualize the concept
(An image of the concept or subject in the mind will help you develop an uninterrupted flow of thoughts while you are writing)

** Interpret the concept in your mind

** Organize your thoughts according in tune with the subject or concept Now the question uppermost in your mind is how to condition and organize your thoughts in accordance with the four commandments.'s Four Commandments to become 
an effective writer 
through its mix of mind plays and word play 
literally puts you on the road to proficiency.

Learning While Reading

You definitely do learn a lot while reading. You may be a moderate or voracious reader. As life is a learning process so is reading. Every book is a new and different experience. Books are a treasure trove of information. As you read along you assimilate and absorb the contents and the theme. Likewise you come across new words and sentences that describe the situations with clarity and purpose. 

But are you able to retain it to memory and utilize your reading experience for a practical purpose? The book may be absorbing and you may never feel like putting it down. The point I am trying to make is that never let your reading experience go waste. Reading helps you enrich your word power and communication abilities.

But do not reduce reading to an academic exercise. This way you are never going to achieve your objective. You are into the habit of reading. Good. You find what you are reading to be interesting and you are totally absorbed in the book. Fantastic! Since you now have the foundation for enriching your word power. 

From here onwards you need to develop a certain method to ensure that you make the best possible use of your reading habit. Again, I would like to emphasize that your approach should not be academic. This kind of approach may prove to be a spoilsport and deprives you of a fun filled learning experience. 

Coming to the kind of books that you should be reading to enrich your word power,
Here comes a list of books I would like to recommend......


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