style="line-height: 150%">The advantage with reading books that interest you is that all the while, with or without your knowledge, you absorb and develop your vocabulary and language (Click Learning while Reading to know more about it) Just reading books is not enough. You may be an avid reader, but still find yourself groping for words when communicating. It means that you have not been able to retain the words in your memory. Being an avid reader is important but you should also involve yourself in certain exercises to increase and strengthen your retention capacity.

In other words you should have vocabulary stacked away in your memory to be put to use at any point of time, in any situation and under any circumstances. So what are these exercises. It involves organizing your thoughts and vocabulary and getting down to an evaluation process. 

And it is here that comes into the picture 
to guide you to a point where you would never be 
tongue-tied or suffer from writer's block. takes you into the fascinating world of words through its easy-to-learn innovative English language package, WordMentor that not only helps you learn, build and develop  your vocabulary, but also ensures that you become an effective conversationalist, speaker and writer.. order using online form



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