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The WordMentor taught me scores of new words.  The numerous practice exercises helped me understand subtle distinctions between similar-looking words. 

I wish that many more will make use of this software and come out with flying colors.

Vamsi SAT/GRE 

From: Ram B. Chander

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Soon after we launched our GRE preparation course, GradMentor, we started receiving requests for a word builder for the SAT/GRE exam. People just thought (rightly so) that our digital techniques could make word-building a lot more easy.

FREE Vocabulary Power Kit

 1. How to enrich your word power
2. Root quest: Going back to the roots of the words
3. Concept based learning: Improve your structured thinking
4. Excellent, Interesting and must read books
5. Vocabulary in competitive exams
6. Analogues
7. Antonyms and Synonyms
8. Resources to improve word power
9.Effective ways of improving vocabulary and enhancing Communication Skills

The challenge was great

They wanted a vocabulary builder that would boost their confidence and help them score high grades without actually straining them too much!

The first issue was to find the right words

Word-hunters for WordMentor came from three different backgrounds and scoured various SAT/GRE resources for all the words that you absolutely MUST know for good scores.

  • Students whose mother tongue is English:  These students chose the difficult words, those that normally appear in antonyms and other direct vocabulary testing parts of the SAT/GRE verbal section.

  • Students who do not speak English at home:  In addition to the words chosen by the previous lot, these students chose many words that their English-speaking peers had left out.  
    These were words from sections that actually are not meant to test vocabulary but whose meaning you must know to score well.


Just take this example of the following analogy:

Judge: Gavel and 

Referee: Whistle

Well, it is so easy if you know what gavel is and almost impossible to answer right if you do not know.

Too bad, no other word-list covers this word.

WordMentor at a glance


  • Expert English language trainers:  They provided some unexpected and extremely useful feedback! But more on this later.

So, these three categories of hunters spent thousands of hours going through the SAT/GRE resources, question papers, and word-lists to pick the words which anyone aspiring for a high score in SAT/GRE (or for that matter in the GRE/GMAT) must know thoroughly.  

In addition, we grabbed several hundred power words from the best vocabulary building books and lists.  To those we finally added words from standard books and newspapers to build the most comprehensive and relevant vocabulary base for the SAT/GRE exam. Thus the final list has over 4000 words.

We wrapped these words with our learning technology to create 

the most effective and intelligent 
vocabulary builder 
that helps you learn 
thousands of words 
without even realizing it.

Learning by rote is replaced by fun games;  lengthy definitions are replaced by cool images. 

WordMentor at a glance

  • How?

    There are three different ways to learn SAT/GRE vocabulary.

    Vocabulary books
    : There are some excellent books in the market (we own them all), aimed at word-building. They cover words, roots, and usages through a variety of exercises and fix them quite strongly in your mind. 

    The problem is that to cover a word thoroughly, you need around two pages of normal print space. Hence, most books end up covering just 200-300 words, as the print medium becomes cumbersome otherwise. 

    Just imagine carrying a 5000 page book for light reading!

    Moreover, the books don't enable you to add your own words to their exercises and learn them that way.

    The biggest problem with books, however, is that they don't customize themselves to suit to your requirements.  They don't show the words that you find hard or leave out the words you know well.

    Word-Lists: Almost all competitive exam preparation books and several Web sites give long lists of words. They cover almost all important words with meaning and roots (some even show a usage). 

    The problem is there is no way a normal human being like you and me can learn even 10% of those words permanently in a life time.  There is just no point in learning words by rote. I did it once.  I learned 50 word lists in a span of 6 months and forgot them all in 6 days!

    The third method is what I refer to as the English teacher's way:  My English teacher always asked me to read a newspaper every day, mark the words that I did not know, note them in a book, look up the dictionary for meaning, and try to use them in my own sentences. 

    There is no doubt that there will be one in a million who will do it that way and succeed.

    As someone who understood the importance of a good vocabulary and someone who struggled the hard way to learn words, I decided to create an elegant tool that makes vocabulary building effective and enjoyable.  

    I wanted that tool to combine all the positive aspects of the existing methods and add many more.

    When I told my requirements to my language specialists at PlaceMentor, I was almost certain they would laugh in my face.  

    But they were more excited than I was

    After two years and over 20,000 work hours, they created WordMentor, just that perfect vocabulary builder that I had dreamt of.

    Here is what we put together in WordMentor

    • Word-banks with interactive exercises -- Rigorous practice of over 4000 power words that appeared in the actual vocabulary tests.  Each word is followed by more than half a dozen exercises so as to fix it in your memory forever.  

      It is a word list with thousands of words + a vocabulary book with exercises for each word!
    • Trap Words -- During our word combing, we often encountered a funny situation.  Our student hunters would mark a word as easy,  and our experts would put it in the most difficult category!

      These are the words that have one well known meaning and very little known second meaning.  


    Let us say, you encounter an analogy that says

    Flag: Vigor

    How is a flag connected to vigor?

    Well, flag, the, noun is not connected.  But, flag the verb (meaning declining) is connected to vigor.  Flagging of vigor is lowering of energy.

    Test-makers always use such words in the less known sense and less than 20% of the candidates get them right. We thought that it was very important to cover these in a different section and created Trap Words.  

    • This section covers all the trap words from over 50 actual verbal sections of exams like SAT/GRE, GRE, and GMAT.  This section alone is so unique that it is worth the price of the entire package.
    • Flash Cards and Customized Reviews:  The software keeps careful track of your performance  and identifies words that you find difficult.  
      It adds these words to your flash cards and lets you work on them until you have perfected them.

  • Revision through Games: An entire range of games --- crosswords, anagrams, common mistakes, etc ---  based on the words that you need to learn 

    As one of our experts said

    "Vocabulary building has never before 
    been this fun and interesting!"


  • Additional Wordlists and Resources: For those of you who are just not SAT/GREisfied with 4000+ words, these hundreds of additional words and idioms will surely provide some more practice.  We also give you the most extensive list of vocabulary resources in our library section. 

  • Index: A proprietary search engine-based index section that allows you to do the last minute reviews most effectively.  

    You search the word, and get its meaning and root instantly.  If you want to, you can do all the exercises with that word once again.

    It is a perfect last-minute preparation aid.


  • FREE Vocabulary Power Kit

     1. How to enrich your word power
    2. Root quest: Going back to the roots of the words
    3. Concept based learning: Improve your structured thinking
    4. Excellent, Interesting and must read books
    5. Vocabulary in competitive exams
    6. Analogues
    7. Antonyms and Synonyms
    8. Resources to improve word power
    9.Effective ways of improving vocabulary and enhancing Communication Skills


I really liked the way you teach vocabulary words with such an ease.  I believe anyone in one sitting can easily master 50 words a day. Let me once again congratulate you and hope you will keep on helping the student community with more such inventions. Thanking you

Ravi vij, Delhi 

  • Add your Word: WordMentor will be your lifelong word-building tool. Whenever you find an interesting word, just add it to the list. You can review your word like any other in the database. Your word will also be incorporated in some of the games in the software.

WordMentor encompasses the 
best of all the existing 
vocabulary building methods 
and adds a lot more.

  • The Learn Section is as extensive as a vocabulary-building book and as exhaustive as a word-list.  It has over 300 lessons, each of which covers 10 words.


First, you will see the word in a context

Next you guess the meaning

Then you learn the meaning, the root and see the word again used in a sentence

Then you go through a series of exercises focused on that word

Our programs keep track of your performance with each word in each lesson.  If you are not comfortable with a word, it is automatically added to the word in your review and flash card.


  • The Review Section is as customized as learning from a private tutor.  You can  go through any lesson of your choice.  Of course, you will be able to check how many times you revised up to that point, your latest scores, etc.

    The flash card has the words on which your performance was weak.  You have to constantly work with these words.  As you learn a word, it automatically moves out of your flashcard.

  • The Games Section is unique and fun.  My favorites are crosswords and Guess the Meaning.  The next best are Jumbled Words.

    Well, there are so many great ones that it's difficult to pick a few favorites, to be frank.

  • The Resources Section is your one-stop source for all vocabulary needs. With interesting articles about words, quizzes, and more words, this library is bound to inspire you and motivate you to do well.

  • The Tools Section is your own customized intelligent dictionary.  

Whether you want to learn words to do well in an exam or you want to learn for the sake of learning, WordMentor is your one-stop source of a great vocabulary.

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Every exercise is equally good in the WordMentor CD - the way the words are given especially synonyms, antonyms, fill up the blanks, match the following and all others. I have spent 5 hours a day to do 10 sections and I have completed about 70 sections. Thanks for developing such a good CD.


WordMentor level 1 and 2, and the games....they have been done very well. WordMentor allows easy learning of the difficult words through various exercises without monotonous mugging.


WordMentor is very efficient for the students aspiring for GRE. I could learn difficult words in a simple and easy manner and the best part of it is the freedom from mugging up the long wordlists. I personally liked the Crossword section.

K Venkataraman 

WordMentor helps you master thousands of power words without you even realizing that you are learning.  It helps you in all sections of the verbal exam of SAT/GRE, GRE and GMAT.

WordMentor at a glance

What next?

Well, WordMentor is so complete, we really do not have to have anything after that.  But, we just want to give you more (you can't complain about that!).

We don't want your money if you are not thrilled with us...

WordMentor comes with the famous Placementor's 100% no risk refund guarantee.  

Use our CDs for 3 months.  Get the " edge" and if you feel that you are not getting what you expected from the pack, just return the CDs and the floppies. We will return your money (CD price + your shipping charges). 

We will not ask any questions. That's more than a guarantee, It is a personal promise.

So, take the
world's easiest 
way to SAT/GRE success 


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WordMentor has been developed by people who have mastered the art of vocabulary building and tested by those who desperately needed to build their vocabulary in a short span. Both groups have enjoyed it immensely. 

Benefit from their expertise, experience, and hard work to build your vocabulary NOW and jump ahead in the race.

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Best of Success,

Ram B. Chander
Product Manager, WordMentor

PS.- You can avoid buying WordMentor. But, you simply can't avoid building vocabulary. Let me know if you find a better way to do it. 

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